Chocolate Fever 巧克力熱

出版时间:2006-4   出版时间:Penguin USA   作者:Smith, Robert Kimmel/ Fiammenghi, Gioia (ILT)  

Chocolate Fever 巧克力熱

Henry loves chocolate so much, it practically runs through his veins. Chocolate cake, chocolate cereal, chocolate syrup, chocolate milk, and chocolate cookies—and that’s just breakfast! Still, it comes as a shock when he suddenly breaks out in chocolaty brown spots and is diagnosed with . . . Chocolate Fever. And, rather than be poked and prodded by doctors, Henry runs away, starting the adventure of a lifetime. But at the end of it all, the question remains: Is there a cure for Chocolate Fever?

Robert Kimmel Smith lives in New York City. Gioia Fiammenghi lives in France.

1. Meet Henry Green2. A Strange Feeling3. Mrs. Kimmelfarber's Problem4. Pop!5. Calling Dr. Fargo6. Catch That Boy!7. In the Schoolyard8. Mac9. Hijacked10. Taking a Licking11. At "Sugar" Cane's12. The Lesson Learned


An Excerpt from Chocolate Fever      Can you imagine a boy having a chocolate-bar sandwich as an after-school       snack? Well, Henry did, just about every day. And when he ate mashed potatoes,       just a few drops of chocolate syrup swished through seemed to make them       taste a lot better. Chocolate sprinkles sprinkled on top of plain buttered       noodles were tasty, too. Not to mention a light dusting of cocoa on things       like canned peaches, pears, and applesauce.      In the Greens' kitchen pantry there was always a giant supply of chocolate       cookies, chocolate cakes, chocolate pies, and chocolate candies of every       kind. There was ice cream, too. Chocolate, of course, and chocolate nut,       chocolate fudge, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate swirl, and especially       chocolate almond crunch. And all of it was just for Henry.      If there was one thing you could say about Henry it was that he surely did       love chocolate. "Probably more than any boy in the history of the world,"       his mother said.      "How does Henry like his chocolate?" Daddy Green would sometimes joke.      "Why, he likes it bitter, sweet, light, dark, and daily."      And it was true. Up until the day we're talking about right now.      

Its all quite preposterous and lots of laughs. -- Publishers Weekly


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